Michael Sailstorfer | Michael Sailstorfer
CentrePasquArt Kunsthalle, Biel | 5.7.–13.9.2015
Michael Sailstorfer

Michael Sailstorfer (b. 1979, Germany) is one of the most important representatives of a young generation of German conceptual and installation artists. With his inexhaustible wealth of ideas he manages to continually update the definition of sculpture and to locate this in socially relevant contexts. 

Characteristic of his practice is the translation of everyday artefacts in works which draw attention to the connections between sound and materiality, metaphysics and physicality. At Kunsthaus CentrePasquArt the internationally known artist is presenting his first institutional exhibition in Switzerland. 

The acoustic and sculptural leitmotifs of the exhibition are created by a drum kit which, taken apart as individual instruments, is distributed throughout the spaces. The sounds of a drum solo are reproduced synchronically on each of these drum instruments. In addition to this sound installation, whose rhythm accompanies visitors through the spaces, are a series of archaic looking masks, large-scale installations made of tubes from lorry tyres and a film. 

The exhibition complex becomes a physical experience and refers to the potential for the things that surround us in life to acquire new meaning. 

Exhibition Curator: Damian Jurt, scientific assistent