Monica Bonvicini, Elmgreen and Dragset & more | Hamburger Kunstverein, Germany | 18.5.–21.7.2019
The group exhibition Political Affairs – Language Is Not Innocent, explores how contemporary artists from different generations have dealt and deal with language -intended not only as tool of communication, but also as a visual and sculptural medium- to make political and social assertions. Curated by Monica Bonvicini and Bettina Steinbrügge, the show conceives the artistic practice as a reworking of visual forms and methods in order to present political and critical ideas about contemporary society. The use of language, as a political and social tool, is under observation then: how power is mediated, and how points of view are constructed, reproduced and manipulated through written and spoken words. Texts in the arts can be extremely subversive: decoupled from its original visual context, they allow imaginative readings of historical, social and political events. Acts such as copying, re-contextualizing or inverting the relation between text and image, can be powerful gestures with political implications, and they can function as compelling models for ways of reframing the world.