Tue Greenfort | Out of Site
KÖNIG GALERIE | Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz | 17.8.–18.9.2002
Press Release: 

The Danish artist, living in Frankfurt and studying at the Städelschool, explores the process of becoming – in nature as well as in art and their connections. Just recently he built a compost pile in the backyard of the Frankfurt Städelschool. It is just the beginning of a great garden project, he is planning for the art academy. As a side project during last year's Istanbul Biennial the artist constructed an ant-path with the help of a honey-string from the backyard of the exhibition building into the exhibition space.

In the same way Greenfort works in his first solo show at KÖNIG GALERIE, where he, by spatial interventions inside and outside the gallery, points at the place itself – its social structure, it`s natural surrounding and its urban embedding. Upon the branches of the trees at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in front of the Gallery he installs a fotoconstruction, which – mechanically reacting to the weight of the birds, that sit down on the prepared branch – take snapshots of those usually quite unnoted residents of the place.

The artist examines the Gallery as a specific space by a model of the gallery room. But through its backside window the viewer doesn`t look into the backyard of the gallery space but into a backyard of a building in Muskauerstraße in Berlin Kreuzberg, where the green is used as a vegetable garden. Thereby Greenfort plays the different ways of using a green against each other – the garden as a social environment on the one hand and the garden as a mere green space on the other.