Michaela Meise | Opening Show
KÖNIG GALERIE | Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz | 25.5.–26.6.2002
Press Release: 

In the opening exhibition KÖNIG GALERIE shows works of Michaela Meise. The spectrum of the young Frankfurt based artist includes drawing, video and performance as well as installation.

In her first solo show Meise exhibits cardboard boxes, which through window-like cutouts covered with transparent foil on their sides provide an insight to their empty inside. The front of the boxes shows photocopied portraits of celebrities like Madonna, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Romy Schneider or of the talkmaster Harald Schmidt.

The photoportraits are taken from fashion magazines, yellow press and newspapers. The artist deliberately chose pictures, which don´t match the produced stereotypes, but show them quite introverted and outside the pose. Pictures which promise closeness and intimacy, which play with the desire to build up a personal relation to the stars by the way the artist is presenting them.

Since Meise is mounting them onto boxes, she is giving them a volume, an intimate space behind the surface. But even if this „back room“ is empty it should not be understood as a vacuum. It should rather be interpreted as a kind of indetermined space. A space which can be filled by the viewer and can also be understood as the artist's gesture of giving and letting go.