Johannes Wohnseifer | elimination of dialogue
KÖNIG GALERIE | Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz | 27.6.–2.8.2002
Press Release: 

In his first solo show at KÖNIG GALERIE, Johannes Wohnseifer presents under the title elimination of dialogue new paintings and sculpture.

The sculptures as white cubes refer to the gallery space in which they are presented. Climbing handles are attached to the surface of the cubes whereby they provide the potential for possible interaction by the viewer. As such they can be seen as a conversion of earlier sculptures where Wohnseifer covered cubes with camouflage nets and thereby worked explicitly against the interaction between subject and object.

The new paintings reintroduce the theme of Stealth-Fighters, which Wohnseifer has been dealing with since 1998. These works are motivated by his fascination with this type of aircraft which through their specific form are invisible by their opponents radar. At the same time they result in the artists rejection of the political views that are normally insinuated by this subject matter. In this case, Wohnseifer also works with the principle of conversion: whereas in earlier paintings he used images of operating Stealth-Fighters, now he takes the picture of a crashed aircraft – basing on a photograph of the crashed Stealth-Fighter in Budjanovci, 45 km west of Belgrad, during the NATO air strikes on March 27, 1999.

The exhibition also contains abstract paintings, which are painted with the reflective paint Scotchlite® which is generally used for the improvement of visibility in the dark when hit with bright car lights. In this way the paintings are connected with Wohnseifers sculptures of traffic pylons which are used for marking street construction work or marking sensitive areas. In the exhibition, the abstract paintings serve as barriers which work against a dialogical approach.

The SA-6 Kub ("Cube") - "grandfather" of today's SAMs, entered service in 1967. Pentagon convinced American public that the F-117 is "invisible" to radar. Evidently, Pentagon forgot to mention that to Yugoslav SAM operators.

We call ourselves N*E*R*D because we have a different view of life. A nerd is someone who wants to be cool to everybody but it's not his fault he's witty and smart and his social skills aren't the best. If you ever listen to a nerd speak about their experiences in high school, they tell an ill story. They have an ill perspective because of the shit they've been through. You ask the average person, the kind of people that would tease nerds in high school, you ask them what their life is like and they'll give this bullshit, lame boring ass story you'll snore to. I don't mind being called a nerd. We are the people who are proud of being smart, being witty and being clever when everyone else doesn't understand. That's what we do, that's the flag we're raising and waving.

People's energies are made of their souls. When you die, that energy may disperse but it isn't destroyed. Energy cannot be destroyed. It can manifest in a different way but even then it's like their souls are going somewhere. If it's going to heaven or hell or even if it's going into a fog or somewhere in the atmosphere to lurk unbeknownst to itself, it's going somewhere.