Andreas Zybach | Seedcopyfoam
KÖNIG GALERIE | Dessauerstrasse | 21.6.–26.7.2008
Press Release: 

We are pleased to present Andreas Zybach's third solo exhibition at KÖNIG GALERIE. Zybach will be showing a walk-in structure, composed of colour aluminium bars, fabric elements and carrots. The installation will take place in the outer as well as in the inner space of the gallery.

The structure is designed using the form-building principle of mixing liquids and air, causing it to transform during the course of the exhibition. Fabric surfaces further cut down the structure into sections, creating multiple different spaces. Stamped on the fabric are passages of reports about different projects which have been dedicated to the archiving of seeds. The most ambitious of these projects conserve their extensive collection of seeds in spaces especially designed for them, in order to protect them from damage and so to cultivate the best comprehensive copy of the original plant world possible. The spectrum of initiatives goes all the way from private associations up to collaborations between several states.

One of the most common methods for seed conservation employed is the withdrawal of liquid. During the exhibition, desiccating carrots will be holding the construction together, functioning as flexible elements that join the guy wires. Throughout the withering process, the tension between the wires will change, thus causing the whole installation to alter its form successively without any external influence. New architectural situations develop while former ones disintegrate. 

In his work, Andreas Zybach looks into questions which play a role in scientific investigation and engineering. In reference to the development of new forms of seeing, these areas are of great relevance, as they allow for new models, standards and forms of authority, through which social relationships can be changed and new possibilities for self-reflection and the perception of our environment can be opened. Zybach translates the scientific language of forms, which is often based on pragmatic analysis, into artistic models. This affirmation both questions and challenges pre-existing forms of knowledge.

Andreas Zybach (*1975, Olten, Switzerland) lives and works in Berlin. He studied at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Zürich and at the Städelschule in Frankfurt/Main with Thomas Bayrle. His works have been exhibited at the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt/Main as well as in P.S.1 MoMA, New York, among other places. Last year, he obtained the Manor Kunstpreis award, which was followed by an exhibition of his work in Aargauischen Kunsthaus and the publication of a catalogue.