Michael Sailstorfer | backyardoutdoorsculptureseries#2 - Michael Sailstorfer - Wohnen mit Verkehrsanbindung, Urtlfing
KÖNIG GALERIE | Dessauerstrasse | 20.11.2009–6.3.2010
Press Release:


KÖNIG GALERIE is pleased to present Michael Sailstorfers sculpture "Wohnen mit Verkehrsanbindung, Urtlfing" (Living with Transport Connection), (2001-2008) for the second edition of our newly launched "backyardoutdoorsculptureseries".

On display is a small wooden house, inside it is equipped with basic furnishings and appliances (bed, table, chair, shelve, stove, refrigerator – electrical light and a toilet). This work is part of the project "Wohnen mit Verkehrsanbindung", which Sailstorfer started in 2001. The artist chose four bus stops alongside a route in the south of Germany, Anzing, Großkatzbach, Oberkorb and Urtlfing. These bus stops resemble small houses often found in this part of the country. Sailstorfer refurbished these bus stops temporarily into condensed but functional living quarters. Inside commuters would discover a cosy ambience which invited them to linger; rather then the cold isolating benches normally found, thus making the endless wait for the bus to arrive more enjoyable.

When the project was complete a series of eight black and white photographs were taken, shortly after which the houses were returned to their original design. Until recently these images were the only documents of these short-lived installations. In 2008 the artist acquired the original bus stops and reinstalled them at the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt am Main. Now "Urtlfing" resides in Berlin and invites visitors for the endless wait for a bus that never arrives.

With the hut being the smallest private home imaginable Sailstorfer questions our basic living needs. The title "Wohnen mit Verkehrsanbindung" offers an abbreviated description for the paradox of the desire for an anchored home while still longing for the far and away.