Jordan Wolfson | Jordan Wolfson - Con Leche
KÖNIG GALERIE | Dessauerstrasse | 21.11.2009–9.1.2010
Press Release:

For Jordan Wolfson's second solo exhibition at KÖNIG GALERIE he will debut his new video titled "Con Leche" (with milk). The title refers to the main subjects of the artwork: animated cartoon Diet Coke bottles filled up with milk. These characters walk through the desolate urban streets in real video sometimes in groups and sometimes alone. The image wobbles, flips and turns inside of the video frame.

A commercial voice over actress speaks from texts Wolfson collected from the internet referencing identity, technology, memory and mortality most of which are personal accounts spoken in first person. Every few minutes Jordan Wolfson interrupts her giving basic instructions and adjustments distorting her tone and volume.
By mixing and combining opposites, playing with analogies and ambiguity Wolfson creates a distorted mix of reality, imagination and cultural critique. He investigates the relationship of technology and media merged with his own personal experience balancing between pop and conceptual art.

Works of the American artist who lives in Berlin and New York have been shown in several institutions: Kunsthalle Zürich (solo, 2004), Swiss Institute for Contemporary Art, New York (solo, 2008), Torino Triennale, Turin (2008), CCA Wattis Institute, San Francisco (2008), Tate Modern, London (2007), Whitney Biennial, New York (2006). As the winner of the Cartier Award 2009 he presented a large site-specific project at the Frieze Art Fair.