TUE GREENFORT & more | TAIPEI BIENNIAL 2018 | POST-NATURE: AN EXHIBITION AS AN ECOSYSTEM | König Galerie | 17.11.2018–10.3.2019
The work of Tue Greenfort investigates the environmental peculiarities of specific sites in order to draw attention to wider ecological problematics, and the networks of relations that exist between humans, nature, culture, science and industry. 

At Taipei Fine Art Museum Greenfort draws his attention to the building’s triple-height, glass atrium, and in particular the bodily sensation of moving from cold, air-conditioned gallery spaces into the pleasant humidity of this inner ‘outside’ space. In the urban locale of Taipei, the atrium functions as a sculpture garden, housing an array of plants and providing sunlight, space and a natural-seeming environment for the TFAM’s employees to eat, rest, socialise and take exercise at work.