Alicja Kwade | Materia per Ora
Fondazione Guiliani, Rome Italy | 10.5.–20.7.2018
Fondazione Giuliani is pleased to present artist Alicja Kwade’s first solo show in Rome. Kwade’s research begins with an acute study of reality and its internal structures, in order to arrive at parallel mental universes with a multiplicity of possible readings. Fascinated by the indeterminate boundaries between the visible and invisible, Kwade explores what is real and what is not, stimulating the gaze of the spectator in a game where space, time, science and philosophy create a labyrinth of perceptions.

The exhibition in Fondazione Giuliani, MATERIA, PER ORA,is an even more in-depth study of material, matter and materiality. Kwade investigates the philosophical concept of deconstruction/construction, focusing on the process of transformation of matter in contact with different dimensions present in nature. Convinced that matter is nothing other than an infinite series of combinations of itself in space and time, her works play with repetition, decomposition, variation of scale and destruction/reconstruction, connoting them as sculptural meditations on the nature of objects. Dematerialisation generates a de-signification, a moment in which new elaborations and readings can occur, a possibility to represent space and time that we cannot yet perceive.