Tatiana Trouvé | The Great Atlas of Disorientation | Petach Tikva Museum of Art, Israel
König Galerie | 7.6.–29.9.2018
The exhibition at the Petach Tikva Museum of Art features two large-scale installations by Trouvé that are each site-specific in their own way. Upon entering the first space, the viewer comes upon a cracked, broken surface on which several sculptural objects are scattered: temporary shelters of sorts cast from used sheets of cardboard in bronze, aluminum, and copper. Affixed to the sides of these structures are old diaries, various objects (a soap, a compass, and so forth), and additional material elements. Some of these surfaces bear the imprint of Trouvé’s actions in the form of maps and signs, which refer to a wide range of time periods and cultures. So, for instance,in the work Somewhere in the Solar System (2017), the roof of the structure is imprinted with a map created in 1704 by the 17th-century adventurer Giovanni Francesco Gemelli Careri. This map, which charts the imagined trajectoryof migration taken by the Aztecs, is superimposed upon maps that delineate contemporary migration routes. Another work, whose title is identical to that of the exhibition, The Great Atlas of Disorientation (2017),features celestial navigation maps, a geological timeline, a phylogeneticevolution chart, a timeline for the end of the world, a mandala drawn by Carl Jung, and more.