Norbert Bisky


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Norbert Bisky (b. 1970, Leipzig, Germany) is a central representative of contemporary figurative painting. Growing up in the DDR, Bisky witnessed the daily reality and eventual collapse of a totalitarian state. In his work, the artist combines this experience with impressions from the fall of the Berlin wall, his varied travels, and the city’s hedonistic club life, particularly since the 1990s. His paintings depict scenes of chaos and destruction as well as sexuality and beauty in bold, intense colours and soft pastel tones. For KÖNIG SOUVENIR and FinnComfort, Bisky designed a sneaker featuring two of his works from 2013. The works were created for a cooperation between the Staatsballett Berlin and Berghain, for which Bisky contributed the stage design. The titles MASSE and MASSE III refer to the crowds that come to Berlin in search of lightness, freedom and adventure. Fragmented human figures collide with abstract planes of colour, evoking a club night’s dynamic and flashing lights. FinnComfort® is known worldwide for providing a relaxed and healthy walking experience. Their shoes are exclusively manufactured in the company’s factory in Hassfurt, Germany.

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