Julian Rosefeldt

Penumbra (Set of 7 + Collectors Edition)

Fine art print
30 x 53.5 cm
11.8 x 21.1 in
Limited edition
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Certificate of authenticity by VERISART
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To coincide with the current exhibition of Julian Rosefeldt's 85-minute film PENUMBRA (2019-2022) in the NAVE of St. Agnes, the artist will release a limited-edition series of eight film stills printed on fine art paper. Beginning on Monday 20 June, and each following Monday thereafter, a new edition will be released and remains available only until the end of the exhibition on 7 August. Those who purchase the first seven motifs of the edition will receive the eighth as a collector's edition which cannot be purchased individually.

PENUMBRA is the latest filmic work by Rosefeldt, which explores a future past, filled with luscious scenery, including ancient ruins and contemporary ravers. Beginning in the dark regions of space, Rosefeldt's camera moves over deserts and buildings, finally arriving in a verdant forest populated by individuals dancing and moving to the beat of their own rhythm.

Set of 7 + Collectors Edition which cannot be purchased individually

A Verisart Certificate will be provided for each PENUMBRA edition. For those who purchase the complete set of seven + Collectors Edition, only a single Verisart Certificate will be generated as all of the motifs together are conceived of as one total work.

Signed and Numbered
Motif: 30 x 53,50 cm, paper: 36 x 59,50 cm
Please note: Edition numbers will be selected at random when the edition ships

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