Alicja Kwade

Selbstportrait (10361 x 25p)

Unique NFT
Collection volume: 10361
1551 sold
€280 €333,20 incl. VAT.
Certificate of authenticity by VERISART
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Kwade's debut NFT collection exemplifies the artist’s continued investigation into the self, which culminated in her recent exhibition "In Abwesenheit" (In Absence) at Berlinische Galerie, Berlin, Germany. For this show, the artist printed her entire genome on 259.025 A4 sheets of paper. Whilst 99,9% of all human DNA is identical, Kwade highlighted her individual and unique profile in bold text. With approximately 12,000 sheets hung floor-to-ceiling and the remainder being placed in copper containers, the artist invited the public to take a piece of her home.

Alicja Kwade says: "Starting with the exhibition at Berlinische Galerie, I wished to globally spread my DNA in virtual form, whereby using blockchain technology seemed a logical progression.”

Every piece in “Selbstportrait (10361 x 25p), 2020” is a unique digital work, randomised at point of sale. Minted onto 25 pages, each consists of 11.696 letters of Kwade’s DNA, in total 292.400 letters, an amount that corresponds with the size of many human genes. In addition to receiving the digital file, a PDF can be downloaded, allowing the buyer to print each individual A4-sheet. Accordingly, Kwade’s “Selbstportrait (10361 x 25p), 2020” explores the boundaries between digital NFT and physical artwork.

Collection volume: 10361
Blockchain: Ethereum
Contract address: 0x8aAFD5aF66EC8b094e111A8842839b82F1Eb74dd
Token standard: ERC 721
COA: Verisart Certified
Data storage: The png image is stored on IPFS
Unlockable content: 25 unique pages, downright position numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals; PDF accessible through the Verisart Certificate of Authenticity

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