9 JUNE – 10 OCTOBER 2022

This major solo exhibition of Robert Janitz’s work fills the three floors and outside of the Diego Rivera Museum, with more than thirty paintings and sculptures that engage the unique architectural legacy of the museum. Many of the works featured were made especially for this show, including four new sculptures carved in basalt collected from a state quarry in Michoacán that reference the volcanic origin of this site.
The models of rendering landscape in Janitz’s recent work amount to a reversal of the real materials of the quarry, which then become imaginary through the artist’s processes.

The Anahuacalli is a temple for art designed and bequeathed by Diego Rivera. Its unique architecture draws its influence from pre-Hispanic as well as modern sources, all with the aim of integrating with the nature that surrounds it. The museum’s permanent collection is made up of pre-Columbian Mesoamerican art from the Rivera collection. The Anahuacalli also includes an ecological space, which protects flora and fauna typical of the volcanic soil of the site. This reserve can be viewed panoramically from the roof of the main building.
Just as Rivera planned, exhibitions of contemporary Mexican and international art are presented at the Anahuacalli, engaging in new and innovative ways with the architecture and Mesoamerican art on display. In 2021, the Anahuacalli was expanded with the addition of thirteen new exhibition spaces, whose design and construction were inspired by the Riverian ideal of the City of Arts.
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© Images Francisco Kochen