Artist Johannes Wohnseifer has collaborated with the German luxury fashion house MCM to create a DJ trunk that incorporates elements of pop culture.Wohnseifer has not only designed the case as a hybrid, with classical elegance on the exterior and futurism on the interior, but he has also selected different media to fill it with life. In addition to a collection of pieces from MCM's history, it contains works and influences that appeal to both collectors of his art and MCM's customers.“I have been a big fan of Johannes Wohnseifer for a long time. His approach to pop culture, his humour, and love of music strike a chord with me and also match my idea of MCM,” states Dirk Schönberger, Global Brand Officer of MCM Worldwide.The interior of the case is lined with mirrored leather and orange mesh. A nod to the brand’s flagship store, an inner lid references the façade of the MCM building in Seoul. As well, Wohnseifer picks up the shapes of the windows in his cover design for a vinyl record included in the case, which contains an unreleased track by the DJ duo and friends of the artist, Schaeben & Voss. Two additional artworks by Wohnseifer are included in the trunk edition.The first is an aluminium painting , created exclusively for this collaboration, each made of unique combinations of shapes and colours. The second included is a Diasec limited edition print of a photographic collage by Wohnseifer - based on a car spotter’s picture of a luxury car in New York overlaid with the MCM monogram. A new addition to the MCM Zoo, Wohnseifer designed a leather toy giraffe. The artist specifically opted for the oracular animal of Greek mythology to represent the gaze into the future, while a poster with motifs from the earliest MCM catalogues captures impressions from the brand's history. Finally, a metal card in a red and silver MCM leather case indicates the edition number of the DJ case. The Johannes Wohnseifer x MCM Edition premieres at Gallery Weekend Berlin  and will be showcased at Frieze in Seoul this September 2022. The DJ Trunk is exclusively available on

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