1 APRIL – 22 OCTOBER 2023

How are you today? How do you feel about the world around you? Can you let go of your thoughts and just be, in the here and now? In the exhibition "Under the Surface" at SMK Thy, Jeppe Hein invites you to tune in to yourself and help create four different works of art.All are welcome to grab a brush and paint their breath onto a wall as part of the artwork BREATHE WITH ME – or to draw their current mood with chalk in TODAY I FEEL LIKE ... The work that lends the exhibition its title, UNDER THE SURFACE, was created especially for this occasion and invites viewers to paint on top of photographs of the west coast of Thy. And in YOUR MIRROR ... MY MIRROR ... OUR MIRRORS!, viewers can see themselves and their surroundings reflected in mirrors that local residents of Thy have lent to SMK.All four works of art rely entirely on the visitor participation for their existence, offering fertile ground for play, conversation, and simply being in the present. They urge viewers to open their minds and delve deep into themselves and the world around them.© Images Niels Mortensen