7 DECEMBER 2022 – 19 MARCH 2023

Sculptures traditionally refer to the product of carving out or fuse various materials, and as such, have been largely seen as three-dimensional plastic art. Ceaselessly expanding the boundaries of conventional techniques, however, contemporary art now includes certain concepts or even virtual images in its fold. In light of this trend, the exhibition introduces works that defamiliarize this form of art, infusing new concepts into the conventional body of sculptures.Sculpture is Everywhere aims to illuminate the varied facets of Erwin Wurm, who is widely recognized as the most prominent sculptor in the contemporary artworld. The exhibition, in particular, accentuates the multi-layered meaning of ‘sculptures,’ wherethrough Wurm expresses his playful imagination. As suggested in the title of the exhibition, “Sculpture is Everywhere,” sculpture not only refers to figurative forms but also concepts and actions in Wurm's art. Sculpture is Everywhere traces the trajectory of his imagination through sixty one select pieces from Wurm’s oeuvre. Section 1 Reflections on the Society contemplates on our current world through playfully blown up objects in his representative series Fat Convertible (Fat Car) (2019) and 13 Pullovers (1991). Section 2, entitled Reflections on Participation questions the interrelation between sculptures and action by introducing the ‘One Minute Sculptures’ (1996-) series, which grew out of such explorations. Section 3, Reflections on the Notion, challenges the common notion that sculptures are mass, and shows Wurm’s attempt to overcome the formal limitations of sculptures through the ‘Flat Sculptures’ (2021-2022) and ‘Skins Sculptures’ (2021) series.Drawing on his unique understanding of sculptures, Erwin Wurm frees them from the weight of their mass and creates bloated or melting forms, sharing the process in his video recordings. Wurm’s method, which allows him to create sculptures beyond the realm of three-dimensional masses and even present ideas for certain actions as a sculpture in and of itself, serves as a major inspiration for many in his trade while providing a sense of freedom and enjoyment to the viewers by defying existing delineations of the art form.

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