Thank you for purchasing an Alicja Kwade NFT from KÖNIG GALERIE. We have compiled a guide detailing each step on how to claim your NFT on Verisart. You will receive an order confirmation via email from KÖNIG GALERIE (check spam), followed by an email by Verisart with instructions on how to mint your NFT.

You will need a MetaMask wallet to store your NFT. If you have a MetaMask wallet, simply follow the steps below.

If you do not have a MetaMask wallet, please follow the instructions in the second part below.

If you already have a MetaMask wallet:

  • Follow the link in the Verisart confirmation email and set a password for the KÖNIG GALERIE website (if you do not already have one)
  • Enter the email address you used when purchasing your NFT
  • View and click on “MANAGE NFTs”
  • On NFT dashboard: Click on “CLAIM”
  • Afterwards, click on “CONNECT” to claim ownership
  • A MetaMask window will pop up. Click sign
  • Claim your NFT
  • A MetaMask window will pop up again. Click sign again
  • Your NFT will start minting and will be sent to your wallet once the operation has been completed (this may take a few minutes)

If you do not have a MetaMask wallet:

  • Open your browser and download MetaMask (only Chrome or Firefox) 
  • Installing the application will automatically add it to your browser
  • Open MetaMask and set up a password (this is only your MetaMask password, not the actual password for your wallet)
  • Write down and securely store your recovery phrase (this is your wallet password). Do NOT share this phrase with others! These words can be used to steal all your accounts. You cannot edit or change your secret recovery phrase. DO NOT keep this phrase on a digital device (do not take a picture of it)! Write it down on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place.
  • Afterwards, confirm the recovery phrase (each word in correct phrase order)
  • In this video everything is explained in detail
  • Now follow the steps in the section above

  • Click on the Verisart certificate link (see picture, last sentence)
  • Sign up for a free Verisart collector account with your wallet & email address

  • Download the PDF from the certificate
  • You can now print out the PDF