13 MARCH – 30 NOVEMBER 2022

Chiharu Shiota takes on the dark chambers of the Cisternerne Museum in Frederiksberg, Denmark with her exhibition, MULTIPLE REALITIES. Shiota transformed the museum’s underground chambers into a magical if unsettling environment. Embracing the sensuous potential of the space, Shiota converted the Cisternerne into a dreamlike scenery, where deeper layers of the human psyche find an aesthetic expression in rotating dresses, reflections, and maze-like yarn structures.
Shiota is unique in her ability to hold the monumental and fragile together, known especially for her large-scale thread installations that resemble a spider’s web, transforming entire museums and galleries into a labyrinthine experience, often with personal objects incorporated into the works. The specific architecture of Cisternerne, as well as the possibility of working with water, fascinated Shiota. The most significant views of the exhibition are experienced from walkways above the water's surface, which lead deeply into Shiota’s uncanny universe.© Images Torben Eskerod