If you want to transfer the idea of Germany as the export world champion to the art world, then Gerhard Richter - the most expensive painter of our time - fits the bill perfectly.

Painting is not a currency. But how closely can artists be linked to their country? What does their art say about their country, is it even their country, and how many actually see themselves as Germans? 
Norbert Bisky is one of the artists whose biography reflects Germany's recent history. He comes from the former East Germany, as, incidentally, do Richter and Baselitz. As a student of Georg Baselitz, he dealt with the history of the nation as well as the history of painting and realized how many unresolved questions art has. "It's incredibly complicated" says the Leipzig-born painter, "that the two great dictators resemble each other so much in visual terms. It took me a long time to understand how this German dictatorship - pretty much uninterrupted from 1933 through to 1989 - shaped people's minds and their perception of images in public space." Bisky himself now addresses aesthetic as well as global political questions in his representational painting.Today, Norbert Bisky's studio is located in Berlin.© Images Christian Werner