16 – 18 SEPTEMBER 2022

On the occasion of Berlin Art Week 2022, KÖNIG GALERIE will feature a pop-up exhibition with new works by Jorinde Voigt at the Amtsalon. RHYTHMS & SHADOWS focuses on the eponymous series which the Berlin-based artist has turned her attention to most recently. The RHYTHMS series comprises paper constructions that respond to the intricated ways in which colours and shapes are repeated and gradually transform according to the whims of atmosphere and light. Voigt coaxes her materials into engendering rhythm on their own by cutting and methodically piercing through sheets of coloured paper, so that what was once flat becomes engaged in three dimensions, carrying with each incision the trace of absence and simultaneously the possibility for other forms to emerge through shadow and juxtaposition.
The latest works in Voigt’s SHADOWS series are constructed from Corten steel and are displayed on ovoid sections of stone that have been cut and polished, the reflective surface soliciting and collecting the shadows created by the sculptures that sit on them. The choice of Corten steel reinforces the concrete nature of these new sculptures, rendering, in formal terms, elements which are otherwise ephemeral, like the shadow itself. As the material is itself already “finished,” Corten steel’s appearance also signals a unique adaptability to the vagaries of weather and time. The balance between internal structures and their subtle but significant relationship to an outside – the natural world, but also a viewer’s perceptive encounter – is a long-standing focus of attention for Voigt.© Images Roman März