PREVIEW: 13 – 15 JUNE 2022
PUBLIC DAYS: 16 – 19 JUNE 2022
KÖNIG GALERIE returns to ART BASEL with a select group of works by gallery artists that together create a wonderland of imaginative, surrealistic, and playful engagements with the contemporary world. Each artwork featured reflects a spirited, experimental approach to materials, often challenging the formal limits of their respective media. Spanning generations and continents, this diverse presentation is full of impassioned investigations and timely responses to the present, from the vibrant paintings of Ayako Rokkaku to the precarious collapse of Bernar Venet’s steel sculpture to Jeppe Hein’s funhouse-style mirror.

At the centre of the stand are sculptures by Elmgreen & Dragset, Claudia Comte, and Jose Dávila, which turn the circumstances of spatial interaction on their head. New paintings by Katharina Grosse and Friedrich Kunath – explosions of colour, both abstract and figural – enhance and complement these positions in the two-dimensional realm. Additionally, newer faces to the gallery include Austrian painter Xenia Hausner’s reimagined take on the conditions of beauty, Zhanna Kadyrova’s affecting stone sculptures created in response to the invasion of her native Ukraine, Alex Gardner’s portraits of anonymous Black subjects, the demure abstraction of Alice Anderson’s woven pictures, and Arghavan Khosravi’s epic multi-part battle scenes.

At the outside of the exhibition hall, large sculptural installations by Bosco Sodi and Alicja Kwade intervene in the public environment while reflecting the exuberance in the “KÖNIG in Wonderland” booth upstairs. Absorptive, colourful imagery also courses through the six filmic works of Basim Magdy that will be screen at the Stadtkino on 15 June.

Monira Al Qadiri | Alice Anderson | Mona Ardeleanu | Daniel Arsham | Evelyne Axell | Norbert Bisky | Monica Bonvicini | Claudia Comte | Jose Dávila | Elmgreen & Dragset | Alex Gardner | Tue Greenfort | Katharina Grosse | Xenia Hausner | Jeppe Hein | Karl Horst Hödicke | Robert Janitz | Zhanna Kadyrova | Annette Kelm | Arghavan Khosravi | Friedrich Kunath | Alicja Kwade | Basim Magdy | Kris Martin | Justin Matherly | Anselm Reyle | Ayako Rokkaku | Michael Sailstorfer | Andreas Schmitten | Jeremy Shaw | Chiharu Shiota | Bosco Sodi | Tatiana Trouvé | Bernar Venet | Jorinde Voigt | Austyn Weiner | Matthias Weischer | David Zink Yi