Camille Henrot at Art Basel Miami

Screening tonight as part of Art Basel | Film, Camille Henrot's film Million Dollars Point, which considers the fascination with the “exotic” in geography and history. 

Million Dollars Point (2011), originally shot in Santo Island, Vanuatu in the South Pacific, surveys a unique underwater cemetery of military equipment abandoned by the U.S. Army after World War II. The title of the film echoes the name of the submerged site, which is now a popular diving spot for Australian tourists. Henrot’s film juxtaposes this underwater footage with highly stereotypical images taken from a local music video depicting a mustached man dancing and singing on a Pacific Beach, surrounded by dancing Polynesian girls. In contrasting history with popular culture, Henrot sketches a portrait of the Pacific Islands that raises issues of exoticism, foreignness and authenticity.

Screening starts at 10pm in SoundScape Park, Miami. Free public access. 

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Julian Rosefeldt at Draiflessen Collection

The Fall of the Stars
03/18/2018 – 08/26/2018

Draiflessen Collection
Georgstr. 18
49497 Mettingen, Germany

The Fall of the Stars Julian Rosefeldt’s video installation 'In the Land of Drought' and Albrecht Dürer’s and Jean Gerson’s portrayals of the Apocalypse

Jeppe Hein at Kunstmuseum Thun

Inhale – Hold – Exhale
03/03/2018 – 07/29/2018

Kunstmuseum Thun
Thunerhof, Hofstettenstr. 14
3602 Thun, Switzerland

The exhibition Inhale – Hold – Exhale at the Kunstmuseum Thun is the first institutional show of the Danish artist Jeppe Hein in Switzerland, which was developed in close cooperation with the artist. 

Tatiana Trouvé & Katharina Grosse at Villa Medici

The numerous irregularities
02/02/2018 - 04/29/2018

Accademia di Francia a Roma 
Villa Medici
Viale Trinità dei Monti, 1 
00187 Roma, Itlay

As part of the UNE series of exhibitions dedicated to the great contemporary female talents, the French Academy in Rome proposes an unprecedented dialogue between the Franco-Italian artist Tatiana Trouvé and the German artist Katharina Grosse , curated by Chiara Parisi .

Katharina Grosse at National Gallery Prague

02/16/2018 - 01/06/2019

National Gallery Prague
Trade Fair Palace
Dukelských hrdinů 47 
Prague 7, Czech Republic

For the National Gallery in Prague, Grosse elaborates a large-scale, site specific painterly installation which radically redefines painting as a performative and architectural medium and responds to the Gallery's industrial space of the late 20s functionalist style.