Jeremy Shaw works in a variety of media to explore altered states and the culturaland scientific practices that aspire to map transcendental experience. Oftencombining strategies from the realms of conceptual art, documentary film, musicvideo, and scientific research, Shaw’s work has addressed topics ranging frompsychedelic drugs, brain imaging and hypnosis, to snake-handling, straight-edgehardcore and time travel. Key to his practice is the proposal of a collapsed timezone in which alchemical elements and ideals are considered with equal validity.

In his exhibition at LambdaLambdaLambda the artist is showing “DegenerativeImaging in the Dark”, a series of light-activated, glow-in-the-dark vinyl cut-outsmade in reference to commercially produced star and planet stickers. Shaw’ssource material comes from 3D SPECT scan renderings of the degenerative effectsof mind-altering substance use on the blood flow and metabolism of the humanbrain. With this series the artist is continuing his interest in the grey areabetween scientific and populist mapping/representation of altered states. Theprints are charged by fluorescent light once every 30 minutes, causing them toglow strongly and slowly fade, glow and fade; static time-based mediums onrepeat.

Also on view is the most current version of “This Transition Will Never End” (2008– present) – Shaw’s ongoing archive of appropriated footage taken from a widevariety of movies and television in which a vortex, or any such tunnel-like orspiraling image is used to represent the slippage of time or a transition from onereality to another.

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Andreas Schmitten Falkenrot Preis 2017

Der 2005 ins Leben gerufene Falkenrot Preis wurde in diesem Jahr bereits zum elften Mal vergeben.

Falkenrot-Preisträger 2017 ist der in Düsseldorf lebende Andreas Schmitten (*1980).


WE PLUS YOU - Guided Tours. Andreas Schmitten & Marcus Herse

Andreas Schmitten & Marcus Herse investigate urbanity, consumption and production. Between Aura and everyday life, promises and control, car parks and resonably parks in an immersive parcours from installation, sculpture and directed. 


Performative Sculptures

There is no avoiding Erwin Wurm in 2017.  Internationally represented in several major exhibitions, his works are on display alongside Brigitte Kowanz at the Austrian Pavilion of this year’s Art Biennial in Venice. Starting in June, the 21er Haus shows his statues and performative sculptures. More

Internationale Garten Ausstellung Berlin 2017

How does a city change on its outskirts? What influences and changes our perception of the landscape on the border between nature and culture; between the public and private spheres? And how exactly does green sound? The IGA art exhibits provide surprising, inspiring, playful and stimulating answers.