At Museum Wiesbaden, Katharina Grosse (*1961) is exhibiting an extensive collection of her work on paper for the first time.Grosse paints the world as it could be if were to transcend its boundaries. Her paintings ask us how we want to live, how a world might look, in which the unfamiliar and unexpected take on radically experimental form. The surfaces of her works are torn, their uniformity lost. Folds transform homogeneity to multiplicity. Vastly imbricated planes manifest openness and fluctuation, synchronicity and parity. The works featured in this exhibit exemplify Grosse’s explorative use of color to challenge material constraints, so that even trees transform under her artistic vision to become something new.  Whether installation, canvas or paper, the urgent question remains, how do spaces look that do not reify the world as a fixed referent but, instead, set it in motion, reverberating it like a membrane, until nothing remains in its place – not even the viewer? The exhibit encompasses works dating from 1987 to the present selected intuitively by Grosse herself. The inclusion of works on paper foregrounds the parallels to her panel and spatial works. The exhibit offers visitors penetrating insight into the artist’s decades of exploration and research.

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Andreas Schmitten Falkenrot Preis 2017

The Falkenrot Preis was initiated in 2005 and is being presented for the eleventh time this year. It is awarded to innovative artists whose works cross the borders of established artistic disciplines, thereby setting new standards. The Falkenrot Prize winner in 2017 is Andreas Schmitten (*1980), who lives in Düsseldorf.


WE PLUS YOU - Guided Tours. Andreas Schmitten & Marcus Herse

Andreas Schmitten & Marcus Herse investigate urbanity, consumption and production. Between Aura and everyday life, promises and control, car parks and resonably parks in an immersive parcours from installation, sculpture and directed. 


Performative Sculptures

There is no avoiding Erwin Wurm in 2017.  Internationally represented in several major exhibitions, his works are on display alongside Brigitte Kowanz at the Austrian Pavilion of this year’s Art Biennial in Venice. Starting in June, the 21er Haus shows his statues and performative sculptures. More