This exhibition, presented across BALTIC’s Level 3 and Level 4 galleries, will include work from throughout the artists’ career alongside those that have been specially commissioned. The exhibition architecture itself—an environment that is always fabricated—will also receive the artists’ treatment. Works such as Light me Black 2009, made from 144 florescent lights which temporarily overpowers the viewer with its bright light, and Scale of Things (to come), a staircase of chains and steel pipes, tread a fine line between the beautiful and the sinister. A significant body of drawing will also be included.

Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art
S Shore Rd, Gateshead NE8 3BA, UK


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From August 11 onwards we will be open every Friday from
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Andreas Schmitten Falkenrot Preis 2017

The Falkenrot Preis was initiated in 2005 and is being presented for the eleventh time this year. It is awarded to innovative artists whose works cross the borders of established artistic disciplines, thereby setting new standards. The Falkenrot Prize winner in 2017 is Andreas Schmitten (*1980), who lives in Düsseldorf.


WE PLUS YOU - Guided Tours. Andreas Schmitten & Marcus Herse

Andreas Schmitten & Marcus Herse investigate urbanity, consumption and production. Between Aura and everyday life, promises and control, car parks and resonably parks in an immersive parcours from installation, sculpture and directed. 


Performative Sculptures

There is no avoiding Erwin Wurm in 2017.  Internationally represented in several major exhibitions, his works are on display alongside Brigitte Kowanz at the Austrian Pavilion of this year’s Art Biennial in Venice. Starting in June, the 21er Haus shows his statues and performative sculptures. More